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ISIS Cumulative Bibliography

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ISIS Cumulative Bibliography A Bibliography of the History of Science
formed from ISIS Critical Bibliographies 1–90


Chairman of Editorial Committee I. BERNARD COHEN

Volume 2

in conjuntion with the History of Science Society

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Volume 2

PART I: Personalities K-Z 1
PART II; Introduction 655
: Institutions A-Z 657

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[journalArticle]BAILKEY, Nels M. A Babylonian philospher of history. Osiris, 1950, 9: 106–30.
Apropos of Kabti-Ilani-Marduk, son of Dahibu.

KADZUBEK, Wincenty


KAEMPFE, Hermann Anschütz


KAEMPFEN, Joseph Antoine Ignace Aloys (1784 – 1856)

[journalArticle]HERVÉ. C. Extraits des souvenirs du Dr Kaempfen. Bull.Soc.Franç.Hist.Méd., 1912, 11: 360–9.

KAEMPFER, Engelbert (1651 – 1716)

[journalArticle]GUDGER, E.W. A historical note on the synchronous flashing of fire flies. Science, 1919, 50: 188–90.
First observed in Siam by Engelbert Kaempfer in 1690 and described by him in his “History of Japan”.
[journalArticle]HALBERTSMA, K.T.A. Engelbert Kaempfer (1651–1716). Janus, 1940, 45: 40–55, 4 fig.
[journalArticle]KITAMURA, Sirô. [Botanical descriptions of the Japanese plants by Engelbert Kaempfer. (In Japanese)] J.Hist.Sci.Japan, Julyt 1953, no. 26, 19–24.
[journalArticle]MEIER, Karl. Über die echte Mumie. Sudhoffs Arch., 1937–38, 30: 62–77. [CB 52/555]
Extracts from Engelbert Kaempfer's “Amoenitatum exoticarum”.
[book]MEIER-LEMGO, Karl. Engelbert Kämpfer: der erste deutsche Forschungsreisende, 1651–1716. 212 p. Stuttgart: Strecker und Schröder, 1937.
[review]Reviewed by E. Heawood, Georgr.J., 1937, 90: 384–5.

KAERIUS, Petrus (1571 – 1646)

[journalArticle]KEUNING, Johannes. Pieter van den Keere (Petrus Kaerius), 1571–1646 (?). Imago Mundi, 1960, 15: 66–72.

KÄSTNER, Abraham Gotthelf (1719 – 1800)

[bookChapter]GOE, George. Kästner, forerunner of Gauss, Pasch, Hilbert. Proc.10th Int.Congr.Hist.Sci. (Ithaca, 1962), (2), p. 659–62. Paris: Hermann, 1964.
[journalArticle]PETERS, Wilhelm Servatius. Das Parrellelenproblem bei A.G. Kaestner. Arch.Hist.Exact Sci., 1961, 1: 480–7.
[book]WOYCIECHOWSKY, József. Sipos Pál élete és matématikai munkássága. [Paul Sipos. Ein ungarischer Mathematiker des ausgehenden 18. Jahrhunderts über seine Ellipsenrektifikation mittels Kochleoide und seine alleinstehenden logarithmisch-trigonometrischen Tafeln mit unveröffentlichten Briefen von Bode und Kästner. (In Hungarian, with German summary)] 124 p., 15 fig. (Közlemények a Debreceni Tudományegyetem Matematikai Szemináriumából, 6) Budapest: Athenaeum, 1932. [CB 41/569]

KOGAN, Benjamin Fedorovich (1869 – 1953)

[journalArticle]RASHEVSKII, P.K. Veniamin Fedorovich Kagan (9 marta 1869–8 maiia 1953) (nekrolog). [Benjamin Fedorovich Kagan, 9 March 1869–8 May 1953, obituary. (In Russian)] Usp.Mat.Nauk, 1953, 8: no. 5, 131–8.

KAHLE, Paul (b. 1875)

[book]HEFFENING, W.; KIRFEL, W., ed. Studien zur Geschichte und Kultur des Nahen und Fernen Ostens. Paul Kahle zum 60. Geburtstag, überreicht von Freunden und Schülern aus dem Kreise des orientalischen Seminars der Universität Bonn. viii, 231 p., portr. Leiden: Brill, 1935.

KAHN, Max (1887 – 1926)

[journalArticle]MAX KAHN (1887–1926). Med.Life, 1926, 33: 333–90, portr., bibliogr. [CB 21/542]
Whole number devoted to him.

KAIKĀ’ŪS, ‘Unsūr al-Ma’ālī, Amir of Dailam (11th cent., 2nd half)

[book]FROEHNER, Reinhard. Zur persischen Hippologie und Hippiatrie des 11. Jahrhunderts. 97 p. (Abhandl.Gesch.Veterinärmed., 20) Leipzig: Richter, 1929. [CB 30/402]
This is a domestic encyclopaedia composed in 1082/83 by ‘Unsur al-Ma’ālī Kaikā’ūs.
[book]KAIKĀ’ŪS, ‘Unsur al-Ma’ālī, Amir of Dailam. A mirror for Princes (The Quābus nāma). Transl. from the Perisan by Reuben Levy. xxii, 265 p. London: Cresset Press, 1951. [CB 79/111]
[review]Reviewed by M. Plessner, Isis, 1954, 45: 393–5.

KAILA, Eino (1890 – 1958)

[journalArticle]WRIGHT, Georg Henrik von. Kaila Eino. Theoria, 1958, 24: 137–8.

KAISER, Henry J. (b. 1882)

[book]DE KRUIF, Paul. Kaiser wakes the doctors. 158 p. New York: Harcourt, Brace, 1943.
[review]Reviewed by Henry E. Sigerist, Bull.Hist.Med., 1943, 14: 413–16.

KAITEYN, J.C. (1851 – 1922)

[journalArticle]MAANEN, A. van. J.C. Kaiteyn, 1851–1922. Astrophys.J., Oct. 1922, 56: no. 3; reprinted in Annu.Rep.Smithsonian Inst.for 1923, p. 555–62, portr. Washington, D.C.: 1925.

KĀLIDĀSA (5th cent., 1st half)

[book]KĀLIDĀSA. [Megha-dūta, or the Cloud messenger by Kālidāsa. Translated from Sanskrit into Ukrainian verse with preface and notes by Paul Ritter] 48 p., 2 pl. Kharkow: Ukrainian Society for Oriental Research, 1928.
Appendix: Rabindranath Tagore's essay “Meghaduta” translated from Bengali into Ukrainian.
[book]KĀLIDĀSA. Uttarakalamrita. With an English translation by V. Subrahmanya Sastri. xxiv, 311 p. Bangalore: Soobbiah, 1939. [CB 59/454]
[journalArticle]SENGUPTA, P.C. Astronomical time-indications in Kālidāsa. J.Roy.Asiatic Soc.Bengal, Sci., 1945, 11: 14–23.
[book]UPADHYAYA, B.S. India in Kālidāsa with a foreword by E.J. Thomas. xvi, 385 p. Allahabad: Kitabistan, 1947.
[review]Reviewed by Daniel H.H. Ingalls, Harvard J.Asiatic Stud., 1950, 13: 581–3.

KALKAR, Jan Stevenszoon

see CALCAR, Jan Stevenszoon

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KALLEN, Horace Meyer (b. 1882)

[book]KONVITZ, Milton Ridvas. Horace Meyer Kallen. Biography. 15 p., portr., bibliogr. [New York]: American Association for Jewish Education, 1952.]
Published in honor of the seventieth birthday of Dr. Horace M. Kallen, 11 August 1952.
[book]NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH, New York. Freedom and experience, essays presented to Horace M. Kallen; ed. by Sidney Hook and Milton R. Konvitz. xix, 345 p., portr., bibliogr. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1947. [CB 71/102]
Includes a bibliography (1908 to 1946) and biographical essays by the editors, by Alvin Johnson, and by Edmund de S. Brunner.



KALM, Pehr (c.1715 – 1779)

[book]DREWITT, F. Dawtrey. The romance of the Apothecaries' Garden at Chelsea. 2nd ed. x, 136 p., ill. London: Chapman and Dodd, 1924. [CB 18/622]
Contains notes on Linnaeus and his two pupils Kalm and Fabricius who came to Chelsea.
[journalArticle]GOERKE, Heinz. Medizinische Nachrichten aus den amerikanischen Reiseberichten des Linnéschülers Pehr Kalm. Sudhoffs Arch., 1963, 47: 215–23.
[journalArticle]KALM, Pehr. Peter Kalm's description of how sugar is made from various types of trees in North America. Transl. by Esther Louise Larsen. Agr.Hist., 1939, 13: 149–56.
[journalArticle]KALM, Pehr. Pehr Kalm's description of maize, how it is planted and cultivated in North America, together with the many uses of the crop plant. Introduction and translation by Esther Louise Larsen. Agr.Hist., 1935, 9: 98–117. [CB 45/229]
An obscure article by the celebrated botanist, which is here translated from the Swedish for the first time, appeared in Swedish in 1751–52.
[journalArticle]KALM, Pehr. Pehr Kalm's description of spruce beer. Transl. by Esther Louise Larsen. Agr.Hist., 1948, 22: 142–3. [CB 73/140]
A translation of Kalm's paper in Handl.Svenska Vetenskapsakad., 1751, 12: 190–6.
[journalArticle]KALM, Pehr. Pehr Kalm's description of the North American mulberry tree. Transl. by Esther Louise Larsen. Agr.Hist., 1950, 24: 221–7. [CB 77/332]
A translation from Handl.Svenska Vetenskapsakad., 1776, 33: 143–63.
[journalArticle]KALM, Pehr. Pehr Kalm's description of the periodical cicada, Magicicada septendecim L. Transl. by Esther Louise Larsen. Ohio J.Sci., 1953, 53: 53: (3), 138–42.
A translation of the paper in Handl.Svenska Vetenskapsakad., 1756, 17: 101–16.
[journalArticle]KALM, Pehr. Peter Kalm's observations concerning the usefulness of the American so-called cockspur hawthorne for quick set hedges. Transl. by Esther Louise Larsen. Agr.Hist., 1945, 19: 254–5.
A translation of Kalm's paper, first published in Swedish in 1773.
[journalArticle]KALM, Pehr. Pehr Kalm's observations on black walnut and butternut trees. Transl. by Esther Louise Larsen. Agr.Hist., 1942, 16: 149–57. [CB 63/253]
[journalArticle]KALM, Pehr. Pehr Kalm's observations on the fences of North America. Transl. by Esther Louise Larsen. Agr.Hist., 1947, 21: 75–8, 3 fig.
New and unabridged translation of passages from “En Resa til Norra America” (Stockholm: 1753–1761)
[journalArticle]KALM, Pehr. Pehr Kalm's observations on the natural history and climate of Pennsylvania. Transl. by Esther Louise Larsen. Agr.Hist., 1943, 17: 172–4.
Translation of excerpts from Kalm's letter of 14 October 1748.
[journalArticle]KALM, Pehr. Pehr Kalm's report on the chbaracteristics and uses of the American walnut tree which is called hickory. Transl. by Esther Louise Larsen. Agr.Hist., 1945, 19: 58–64.
A translation of a paper first publ. in Handl.Svenska Vetenskapsakad., 1778, 39: 262–83.
[journalArticle]KALM, Pehr. Peter Kalm's short account of the natural position, use and care of some plants, of which the seeds were recently brought home from North America for the service of those who take pleasure in experimenting with the cultivation of the same in our climate. Transl. by Esther Louise Larsen. Agr.Hist., 1939, 13: 33–64. [CB 58/538]
[journalArticle]LARSEN, Esther Louise. Peter Kalm, preceptor. Penn.Mag.Hist.Biogr., 1950, 500–11. [CB 77/332]
[journalArticle]SKOTTSBERG, Carl. Pehr Kalm. Levnadsteckning. [His life. (In Swedish)] 285 p., 17 ill. (Levnadsteckningar Svenska Vetenskapsakad.Ledamöter)Stockholm: 1951.
[review]Reviewed by Arvid Hj. Uggla, Lychnos, 1952, 421–3.

KALONYMOS BEN MEIR (1287 – 1328)

[journalArticle]ELAUT, Léon. Le traité galénique “Des clystères et de la colique”, traduit en Latin par François de Ravelenghien. Janus, 1964, 51: 136–51. [CB 90/556]
Discusses the treatise “De clysteribus et colica”, translated by Ravelenghien from a Hebrew rendering by Kalonymos ben Meir.


see al-FĀRISĪ, Kamāl al-Dīn Abū al-Ḥasan


see IBN al-‘ADĪM, Kamāl al-Dīn

KAMĀL al-DĪN ḤUSAIN, Son of Ḥusain Kāmil, Sultan of Egypt 1875 – 1932)

[journalArticle]BALL, John. Obituary notice of Prince Kemal-el-Din Hussein. Geogr.J., 1932, 80: 367–8. [CB 39/411]


see IBN YŪNUS, Kamāl al-Dīn Mūsā

KAMALA (c.1910 – 1929)

[book]GESELL, Arnold. Wolf child and human child. The life history of Kamala, the wolf girl. Based on the diary account of a child who was reared by a wolf and who then lived for nine years in the orphanage of Midnapore in the province of Bengal. xv, 95 p., 8 pl. London: Methuen, 1941.
Reviewed in Nature, 1942, 149: 181.

KAMEN, Martin David (b. 1913)

[journalArticle]KAMEN, Martin David. The early history of carbon-14. J.Chem.Educ., 1963, 40: 40: (5), 234–42.
A detailed and personal account by one of the leading participants.


see ONNES, Heike Kamerlingh

KAMMERER, Jakob Friedrich (1796 – 1857)

[journalArticle]NIEMANN, W. J.F. Kammerer, der Erfinder der Phosphorszündhölzer. Arch.Gesch.Naturwiss.Tech., 1918, 8: 206–21, 2 ill. [CB 9/466]

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KAN PAO (4th cent., 1st half)

[journalArticle]BODDE, Derk. Again some Chinese tales of the supernatural. Further remarks on Kan Pao and his “Sou-shên chi.” J.Amer.Orient.Soc., 1942, 62: 305–8.
[journalArticle]BODDE, Derk. Some Chinese tales of the supernatural. Kan Pao and his “Sou-shên chi.” Harvard J.Asiatic Stud., 1942, 6: 338–57.

KANĀDA, Maharishi

[book]SIRKAR, Kishori Lai. An introduction to the Hindu system of physics, being an exposition of “Kanad-Sūtras” relating to the subject. vii, 108 p. Calcutta: Seal, 1911.
[review]Reviewed by P. Masson-Oursel, Isis, 1920–21, 3: 64–5.

KANE, Elisha Kent (1820 – 57)

[bookChapter]CORNER, George W. The adventures of Dr. Kane in search of an open polar sea. Science, Medicine and History. Essays in honour of Charles Singer, (2), p. 274–81. London: Oxford University Press, 1953.
[journalArticle]KERR, W.M. Elisha Kent Kane (1820–1857). Ann.Med.Hist., 1924, 6: 71–125, portr. [CB 16/238]
[journalArticle]SHELESNYAK, Moses C. The story of Elisha Kent Kane, surgeon, U.S. Navy. U.S.Nav.Med.Bull., 1947, 47: 861–71, portr., fig.

KANE, Paul (1810 – 71)

[book]BUSHNELL, David I., Jr. Sketches by Paul Kane in the Indian country, 1845–1848. 25 p., 11 fig. (Smithsonian Misc.Collect., 99: no. 1) Washington, D.C: 1940.

KANE, Robert John (1809 – 90)

[journalArticle]REILLY, Desmond. Robert John Kane (1809–1890): Irish chemist and educator. J.Chem.Educ., 1955, 32: 404–6, 1 fig.
[journalArticle]WHEELER, T.S. Sir Robert John Kane. Endeavour, 1945, 4: 91–3, portr.

K’ANG HSI (1654 – 1722)

[book]HIBBERT, Eloise Talcott. Jesuit adventure in China during the reign of K’ang Hsi. xii, 298 p., 6 pl. New York: Dutton, 1941.
[bookChapter]VAN HÉE, L., S.J. L'Empereur K’ang-hi (1662–1722) et les sciences européennes. Compt.Rend.IIᵉ Congr.Nat.Sci. (Bruxelles, 1935), p. 51–9. Bruxelles: 1935.

KANITZ, Philipp Felix (1829 – 1904)

[journalArticle]WEISS, J. Felix Kanitz, ein Pionier der Balkanforschung. Mitt.Geogr.Ges.Wien, 1930, 73: 5–21.

KANSHIN (d. 763)

[journalArticle]AOMI-NO MABITO GENKAI. Le voyage de Kanshin en Orient (742–754). Traduit par J. Takakusu. Bull.École Franc.Extrême Orient, 1928, 28: 441–7; 1929, 29: 1–41, 47–62.
Takakusu's translation was made into English and then retranslated into French.

KANT, Immanuel (1724 – 1804)

db bibliographies; collections; reference works

[journalArticle]VLEESCHAUER, H.J. de. See dc
[book]WARDA, Arthur. Die Druckschriften Immanuel Kants (bis zum Jahre 1838). 62 p. Wiesbaden: Heinrich Staadt, 1919.
An elaborate bibliography of the editions of Kant's writings (separate and collected works) from 1746 (1749) to 1838. 240 items.

dc life and work in general

[book]ADICKES, Erich. Kant als Naturforscher. 2 vol. xx, 378 p.; vii, 494 p. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 1924–25.
[review]Reviewed by H. Wieleitner, Isis, 1926, 8: 355–8.
[journalArticle]ADICKES, Erich. Kant als Naturwissenschaftler. Kant Stud., 1924, 29: 70–97.
[book]BREYSIG, Kurt. Der Aufbau der Persönlichkeit von Kant aufgezeigt an seinem Werke. Ein Versuch zur Seelenkunde des Gelehrten. xii, 142 p. (Forschungen zur Geschichts- und Gesellschaftslehre, 5) Stuttgart: Cotta, 1931.
[book]HARNACK, Adolf von. Immanuel Kant, 1724–1804: Gedächtnissrede zur Einweihung des Grabmals im Auftrag der Albertus­Universität und der Stadt Königsberg in Preussen am 21. April 1924 im Dom zu Königsberg gehalten. 14 p. Berlin: Julius Springer, 1924.
[book]IMMANUEL Kant, 1724–1934; lectures delivered at Northwestern University December 1924, on the bicentenary of Kant's birth. 211 p. Chicago: Open Court, 1925. [CB 18/561]
[book]IMMANUEL KANT. Jubiläums-Heft zur Feier der Wiederkehr des 200. Geburtstages von Immanuel Kant am 22. April 1924. xx, 349 p. (Kant Stud., 29: no. 1–2) Berlin: Rolf Heise, 1924.
[journalArticle]KRIES, Johannes v. See ds
[book]KÜLPE, Oswald. Immanuel Kant. Darstellung und Würdigung. 3rd ed. viii, 153 p. Leipzig: Teubner, 1912.
[journalArticle]LIPPMANN, Edmund O. von. I. Kant als Aktionär einer Zuckerraffinerie. Deut.Zuckerind., 1929, no. 21.
[journalArticle]LIPPMANN, Edmund O. von. Zu “Zwei Dinge erfüllen das Gemüt mit immer neuer und zunehmender Bewunderung und Ehrfurcht… der bestirnte Himmel über mir, und das moralische Gesetz in mir.” Kant Stud., 1929, 34: 258–61.
[book]RICKERT, Heinrich. Kant als Philosoph der modernen Kultur: ein geschichtsphilosophischer Versuch. x, 214 p. Tübingen: Mohr, 1924.
[journalArticle]VLEESCHAUWER, H.J. de. Études Kantiennes contemporaines. Kant Stud., 1963, 54: 63–119.
[book]VORLÄNDER, Karl. Immanuel Kant. Der Mann und das Werk. 2 vol. 530 p.; 404 p. Leipzig: Meiner, 1924.
[review]Reviewed by Jean Wahl, Litteris, 1925, 2: 30.
[book]WARD, James. A study of Kant. vii, 206 p. Cambridge University Press, 1923.
[book]WILM, Emil Carl, ed. Immanuel Kant, 1724–1924. [Addresses delivered in Boston.] 5, 88 p., portr. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1925.

dd forerunners

[book]DELAHAYE, Karl. Die memoria interior: Lehre des heiligen Augustinus und der Begriff der ‘transzendentalen Apperzeption’ Kants. Versuch eines historisch-systematischen Vergleichs. xv, 166 p. (Abhandlungen zur Philosophie und Psychologie der Religion, 38–39) Würzburg: C.J. Becker, 1936.
[journalArticle]ENGEL, Morris S. Kant's Copernican analogy: a re-examination. Kant Stud., 1963, 54: 243–51.
[journalArticle]HANSON, Norwood Russell. Copernicus' rôle in Kant's revolution. J.Hist.Ideas, 1959, 20: 274–81.

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[bookChapter]POLONOFF, Irving. Newtonianism in Kant's cosmogony. Proc.10th Int.Congr.Hist.Sci. (Ithaca, 1962), (2), p. 747–50. Paris: Hermann, 1964.
[bookChapter]VALDARNINI, A. Antonio Genovesi: antesignano della filosofia critica Kantiana. Atti IVᵒ Congr.Int.Fil. (Bologna, 1911), (2), p. 246–59. Genoa: Formiggini, 1913.
[journalArticle]WOLFSON, Harry Austryn. Infinite and privative judgments in Aristotle, Averroes, and Kant. Phil.Phenomenol.Res., 1947, 8: 173–87.

de personal biography; portraits

[book]CLASEN, Karl Heinz. Kant-Bildnisse. 32 p., 20 pl. Königsberg i. Pr: Gräfe und Unzer, 1924. [CB 16/227]

dj texts

[book]KANT, Immanuel. Anthropologie in pragmatischer Hinsicht. Hrsg. von K. Vorländer. 5th ed. (Philosophische Bibliothek, 44) Leipzig: F. Meiner, 1912.
[book]KANT, Immanuel. Critque of practical reason and other writings in moral philosophy. Transl. and ed. with an introd. by Lewis Beck White. xv, 370 p. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1949. [CB 77/333]
[book]KANT, Immanuel. Critique of pure reason. Transl. by Norman Kemp Smith. xiii, 681 p. London: Macmillan, 1929.
[review]Reviewed by A.S. Pringle-Pattison, Nature, 1930, 125: 557–8.
[book]KANT, Immanuel. Inaugural dissertation and early writings on space. Transl. by John Handyside. xii, 85 p. Chicago: Open Court, 1929.
[book]KANT, Immanuel. Religion within the limits of reason alone. Transl. with an introd. and notes by Theodore M. Greene and Hoyt H. Hudson. lxxxv, 200 p. Chicago: Open Court, 1934.
[review]Reviewed by D.W. Prall, Isis, 1935, 24: 143–5.
[book]KANT, Immanuel; LAPLACE, Pierre Simon. Die Kant-Laplacesche Theorie: 1. Immanuel Kant: Allgemeine Naturgeschichte und Theorie des Himmels oder Versuch von der Verfassung und dem mechanischen Ursprunge des ganzen Weltgebäudes, nach Newtonischen Grundsätzen abgehandelt (1755); 2. Pierre Simon Laplace: Betrachtungen über das Weltsystem und über die zukünftigen Fortschritte der Astronomie (6. Hauptstück des 5. Buches seines Werkes: Darlegung des Weltsystems) (1796). Hrsg., übers., und mit Einführung von Anton Lampa. 274 p. (Deutsche Hausbücherei, 152–153) Wien: Oesterreichischer Bundesverlag, 1925.

dp comments: bibliographical, textual and historiographical

[journalArticle]ADICKES, Erich. “Vom Uebergang von den metaphysischen Anfangsgründen der Naturwissenschaft zur Physik”. Answer to query no. 5 by Hélène Metzger. Isis, 1927, 9: 424.
[journalArticle]METZGER, Hélène. Query no. 5. [Apropos Kant's “Opus postumum”.] Isis, 1927, 9: 424.

dr A comments: science in general and philosophy

[journalArticle]ADDIS, Laird C., Jr. Kant's first analogy. Kant Stud., 1963, 54: 237–42. [CB 89/543]
[book]ADICKES, Erich. Kants “Opus postumum” dargestellt und beurteilt. xx, 855 p. (Kant Stud., 50. Ergänzungsheft) Berlin: 1920.
[journalArticle]ADICKES, Erich. See also dc
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[review]Reviewed by Henry M. Sheffer, Isis, 1924, 6: 573–4.
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[review]Reviewed by George de Santillana, Isis, 1949, 32: 363–5.
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[Start of page 5]

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ds followers

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The traveler was Theodore Karjavin.


see al-KARAJĪ

KARL AUGUST, Herzog von Sachsen-Weimar


KARL FRIEDRICH, Grossherzog von Sachsen-Weimar


KARL, II, Markgraf von Baden-Durlach

see CHARLES II, Margrave of Baden

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see al-KĀTĪ

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see HAJJĪ KAHLĪFA, Muṣṭfa ibn ‘Abd Allāh Kātib Chelebī


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see COHN, Tobias

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see MERCATOR, Nicolaus

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KAUTILYA (Canakya) (4th cent., 2nd half)

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KEDZIE, William Knowlton (1851 – 80)

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KEERE, Pieter van den

see KAERIUS, Petrus

KEIMER, Ludwig (20th cent., 1st half)

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KELLER, Jerzy (16th cent.)

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The appointment in 1887 of Mackinder to the first British readership in geography at Oxford was the result of a report by John Scott Keltie for the Royal Geographical Society.

KELVIN, William Thomson, 1st Baron (1824 – 1907)

dc life and work in general

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dg/dj archives and texts

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dr comments on specific subjects

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KEMĀL RĒ‘ĪS, Turkish Admiral (d. 1510)

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KEMP, Peter (19th cent., 1st half)

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KEMPIS, Thomas à



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KEPLER, Johannes (1571 – 1630)

db bibliographies; collections; reference works

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dc (bm) life and work in general: large scale works

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dc (bn) life and work in general: essays

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dd forerunners

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Comment on whether Kepler was aware of Benedetti's work.
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de personal biography; portraits

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ds followers

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see CEULEN, Ludolph van

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see CAIUS, John

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The catalogue reproduced here and the formation of the twelve southern constellations are really due to Pieter Dircksz Keyzer.

KHAFRE, King of Egypt (reigned c.2850 B.C.)

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The sites from which ‘diorite’, i.e., anorthositic gneiss, and carnelian and amethyst were obtained.


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see al-AIDĪNĪ, Khidr ibn ‘Alī

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KHNUM-SHU, myth.

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KHOSRAU I, King of Persia (d. 579)

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al-KHUWĀRIZMĪ, Muḥammad ibn Mūsā (d. 846)

dc life and work in general

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dj texts

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dr comments on specific subjects

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al-KHUWĀRIZMĪ, Sirāj al-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Abī Bakr Muḥammad

see al-SAKKĀKĪ, Sirāj al-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Abī Bakr, al-Khuwārizmī

al-KHUWAYYĪ, Abū al-‘Abbās Aḥmad ibn al-Khalīl (d. 1240)

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KIDENAS, the Chaldaean (c. 400 B.C.)

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see BRUCE, Alexander, 2nd Earl Kincardine

KINCKHUYSEN, Gerard (d. 1661)

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KINDERMANN, Eberhardt Christian (18th cent.)

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al-KINDĪ, Abū Yūsuf Ya‘qūb ibn Isḥāq (d. c.873)

db bibliographies; collections; reference works

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dc life and work in general

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dj texts

[journalArticle]GAUTHIER, Léon. See dr
[book]al-KINDĪ, Abū Yūsuf Ya’qub ibn Ishāq. Alkindi (De aspectibus), Tideus [filius Thodoris] (De speculis) und Pseudo-Euklid (Euclides: De speculis). Drei optische Werke (Opuscula optica… ex interpretatione lat. Gerardi Cremonensis). Hrsg. und erläutert von Axel Anthon Björnbo und Seb.Vogl. vi, 176 p. (Abhandl.Gesch.Math.Wiss., 26, 3) Leipzig: 1912.
[journalArticle]al-KINDĪ, Abū Yūsuf Ya’qūb ibn Ishāq. Kitāb Kīmiyā al-’itr wattas’īdāt. Buich über die Chemie des Parfüms und die Destillationen von Ya’qūb b. Ishāq al-Kindī. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der arabischen Parfümschemie und Drogenkunde aus dem 9. Jahr. P.C. Hrsg. von Karl Garbers und Richard Hartmann; ins Deutsche übersetzt von Karl Garbers. 400 p., 59 p. (in Arabic), 1 pl., fig. (Abhandl.Kunde Morgenlandes, 30)Leipzig: Brockhaus, 1948.
[review]Reviewed by George Sarton, Isis, 1950, 41: 103–4, 1 fig.
[book]al-KINDĪ, Abū Yūsuf Ya’qūb ibn Isḥāq. Rasā’il al-Kindī al­falsafiyya. Édition avec introduction et notes par Muḥammad ‘Abdal-Hādī Abū Riḍāh. xvi, 364 p. Le Caire: Dār al-fikr al­’Arabī, 1950.
[review]Reviewed by Georges Vajda, Rev.Étud.Islamiques, 1951, 125–6.
[journalArticle]al-KINDĪ, Abū Yūsuf Ya’qūb ibn Isḥāq. Risāla fīkhubr tā’līf al-alḥān. Über die Komposition der Melodien. Nach der Handschrift Brit.Mus. Or. 2361 mit Übersetzung, Einleitung und Kommentar sowie englischer Einführung hrsg. von Robert Lachmann und Mahmud el-Hefni. 30, xx p., 3 fig. (Veröffentlichungen der Gesellschaft zur Erforschung der Musik des Orients, 1) Leipzig: Kistner & Siegel, 1931. [CB 38/517]
[journalArticle]al-KINDĪ, Abū Yūsuf Ya’qūb ibn Isḥāq. Risàlah Ya’qūb ibn Isḥāq al-Kindī al-suyūf wa ajnasuhā. [Le petit traité des sabres et de leurs qualités d’al-Kindi publié par ‘Abd al-Raḥman Zakī. (Arabic text, with Arabic notes)] Bull.Found I Univ.Fac.Arts, 1952, 14: 1–36.
[book]al-KINDĪ, Abū Yūsuf Ya’qūb ibn Isḥāq. Uno scritto morale inedito di al-Kindi (Temistio “Peri alupias”?) [Ed. and transl. by Hellmut Ritter and Richard Walzer.] 63 p. (Atti Accad.Naz.Lincei Mem.Cl.Sci.Morali Stor.Filol., 6th ser., 8: no.1) Roma: Dott.Giovanni Bardi, 1938. [CB 55/142]
[journalArticle]WIEDEMANN, Eilhard. See dr

dr comments on specific subjects

[book]GAUTHIER, Léon. Antéédents gréco-arabes de la psychophysique. 104, 51 p. (in Arabic). Beyrouth: Imprimerie Catholique, 1939.
Contains a first edition and French translation of a treatise of al-Kindī on the properties of composed drugs.
[review]Reviewed by George Sarton, Isis, 1947, 32: 136–8.
[book]HAUBOLD, Rudolf. Ein Münchener handschriftlicher Text angeblich des Alkindi “De signis astronomiae applicatis ad medicinam”. (Extracts from Diss., Sudhoffs Institut). 7 p. Leipzig: 1921.
Apropos of the Munich Latin Ms. 267, fi. 84r to 88r.
[journalArticle]LEVEY, Martin. The “Aqrābādhīn” of al-Kindī and early Arabic chemistry. Chymia, 1962, 8: 11–20. [CB 90/560]
[bookChapter]ROSENTHAL, Franz. al-Kindi and Ptolemy. Studi orientalistici in onore di Giorgio Levi Della Vida, (2), p. 436–56. Roma: Instituto per l'Oriente, 1956.
al-Kindī's “Kitāb fī ṣ-ṣinā’ah al-’uẓmà” appears to be identical with “Risālah fī ṣinā’at Batlamyūs al-falakiyyah” (“On Ptolemy's astronomical craft”).
[journalArticle]SIGGEL, Alfred. Al-kindī's Schrift über die zusammengesetzen Heilmittel. Sudhoffe Arch., 1953, 37: 389–93.
[journalArticle]SPIES, Otto. Al-Kindî's treatise on the cause of the blue colour of the sky. J.Bombay Br.Roy.Asiatic Soc., Sept. 1937, 7–19.
[review]Reviewed by M.A.P., Al-Andalus, 1939, 4: 476.
[journalArticle]STERN, S.M. Notes on al-Kindī's “Treatise on definitions.” J.Roy.Asiatic Soc., 3rd ser., 1959, 32–43.
[journalArticle]WIEDEMANN, Eilhard. Ueber al Kindī's Schrift über Ebbe und Flut. Ann.Phys. (Leipzig), 4th ser., 1922, 67: 67: (5–8), 374–87.
Includes a German translation of al-Kindī's treatise on tides, hitherto unpublished.
[journalArticle]WIEDEMANN, Eilhard. Ueber einen astrologischen Traktat von al Kindi. Arch.Gesch.Naturwiss.Tech., 1912, 3: 224–6.

KING, Alfred (20th cent., 1st half)

[book]FILCHNER, Wilhelm. Zum sechsten Erdteil. Die zweite deutsche Südpolar Expedition unter Mitwirkung der Expeditionsteilnehmer Alfred King, Erich Przybyllok. xix, 410 p. Berlin: Ullstein, 1923.

KING, Clarence (1842 – 1901)

[book]BARTLETT, Richard A. Great surveys of the American West. xxiii, 408 p., ill, portr., maps, bibliogr. (American Exploration and Travel Series, 38) Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1962. [CB 88/625]
The organizations of F.V. Hayden, Clarence King, J.W. Powell, and Lieutenant G.M. Wheeler are dealt with in sequence.
[book]WILKINS, Thurman. Clarence King, a biography. xii, 441 p. New York: Macmillan, 1958.
[review]Reviewed by Cecil J. Schneer, Science, 1958, 128: 1271.

KING, James (d. 1856)

[journalArticle]LYMAN, Georg D. The sponge. Its effect on the martyrdom of James King of William. The formation of the San Francisco vigilance committee of 1856, the execution of Casey and Cora for murder and the trial of Edward McGowan for complicity. Ann.Med.Hist., 1928, 10: 460–79, 17 fig.

KING, Lucas White (1856 – 1925)

[journalArticle]HAIG, Wosleley. Sir Lucas White King (1856–1925). Orientalist. Obituary. J.Roy.Asiat.Soc., 1925, 813–14.

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KING, Peter (1669 – 1734)

[journalArticle]MATSCHOSS, Conrad. A holograph letter of Newcomen. Trans.Newcomen Soc., 1921–22, 2: 115–17, facs.
Letter to Chief Justice King, dated 7 May, 1725, preserved in the Staatsbibliothek, Berlin.

KINGLSEY, Charles (1819 – 75)

[book]THORP, Margaret Farrand. Charles Kingsley, 1819–1875. x, 212 p., 5 pl., bibliogr. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1937.
[review]Reviewed by Charles A. Kofoid, Isis, 1938, 29: 127–9.

KINGSLEY, Mary St. Leger (1852 – 1931)

[book]OWYNN, Stephen. The life of Mary Kingsley. viii, 272 p., 2 pl. London: Macmillan, 1932.
Reviewed in Nature, 1932, 130: 609–10.

KINGTON, Abraham


KINNERSLEY, Ebenezer (1711 – 78)

[book]LEMAY, J.A.Leo. Ebenezer Kinnersley, Franklin's friend. 143 p., ill., app., bibliogr. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1964.
[journalArticle]LEMAY, J.A. Leo. Franklin and Kinnersley. Isis, 1961, 52: 575–81.

KINO, Eusebio Francisco (1645 – 1711)

[book]BOLTON, Herbert Eugene. Rim of Christendom: a biography of Eusebio Francisco Kino, Pacific Coast pioneer. xiv, 644 p. New York: Macmillan, 1936. [CB 52/554]
[review]Reviewed by E.W. Gilbert, Geogr.J., 1937, 90: 86–7;
[review]by M.F. Ashley-Montagu, Isis, 1938, 29: 116.

KIPLING, Rudyard (1865 – 1936)

[journalArticle]BRAGMAN, Louis J. Lāennec and Culpeper as depicted by Kipling. Ann.Med.Hist., 1927, 9: 129–31.

KIFF, Petrus Jacobus (1808 – 64)

[journalArticle]SMEATON, W.A. Petrus Jacobus Kipp 1808–1864. J.Roy.Dist.Chem., 1964, 88: 185, 185, portr.
A short account of the inventor of Kipp's apparatus.

KIPPING, Frederic Stanley (1863 – 1949)

[journalArticle]CHALLENGER, F. Frederic Stanley Kipping (1863–1949). Obit.Not.Fellows Roy.Soc., 1950, 7: 183–219, portr.

KIRCHER, Athanasius (1601 – 80)

[journalArticle]CAPART, Jean. Nardi or Kircher. Answer to query no. 56 [see Alexander Pogo below]. Isis, 1937, 26: 449.
[journalArticle]CAPPARONI, Pietro. Il calamaio di Atanasio Kircher. Riv.Stor.Sci., 1915, 6: 345–54, ill., bibliogr.
[book]CLENDENING MEDICAL LIBRARY. Athanasius Kircher, 1602–1680. An exhibition of books from the history of medicine collection, Clendening Medical Library, Kansas City, Kansas, 1958. Notes by L.R.C. Agnew. 14 p., 3 pl. Kansas City, Kan: School of Medicine, Kansas University, 1958. [CB 84/353]
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[journalArticle]KLINCKOWSTROEM, Carl von. Eine Petroleumleitung von 1665. Geschichtabl.Tech.Ind., 1916, 3: 11–12, 1 ill.
In Ath. Kircher, “Mundus subterraneus” (1665), vol. 2, p. 73–4.
[book]LANTSCHOOT, Arn van. Un précurseur d'Athanase Kircher. Thomas Obicini et la scala Vat. copte 71. xv, 86 p. (Bibliothèque du Muséon, 22) Louvain: Bureaux du Muséon, 1948. [CB 78/162]
[journalArticle]McKRACKEN, George E. Athanasius Kircher's universal polygraphy. Isis, 1948, 39: 215–28, 3 fig.
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[journalArticle]POGO, Alexander. Kircher, not Nardi. Answer to query no. 56. Isis, 1936, 26: 150–1. [CB 50/373]
[journalArticle]POGO, Alexander. Nardi or Kircher? Query no. 56. Isis, 1936, 24: 430–1, 1 facs.
Apropos of A. Kircher's “Oedipus aegyptiacus” (Rome: 1654–5) reproducing a page from Jacopo Nardi's “Museum Gaddianum”.
[journalArticle]POGO, Alexander. Phlegon of Tralles, Boccaccio, and Kircher. Isis, 1941, 33: 341–2.
[journalArticle]REILLY, Conor, S.J. Athanasius Kircher, S.J. J.Chem.Educ., 1955, 32: 253–8, 2 fig.
[journalArticle]ROME, A. L'origine de la prétendue mélodie de Pindare. Étud.Cl., 1932, 1: 11 p.
Apropos of Athanasius Kircher and his “Musurgia universalis, sive arts magna consoni et dissoni” (Rome: 1650).
[journalArticle]ROME, A. Pindare ou Kircher? Êtud.Cl., 1935, 4: 337–50, fascs. [CB 45/178 and 214]
[journalArticle]SCHNEIDER, Jos. Athanasius Kircherus. Henschel's Janus, 1847, 2: 599–608; reprinted, Leipzig: Alfred Lorentz, 1931.
[journalArticle]SZCZÉSNIAK, Boleslaw. Athanasius Kircher's “China illustrata”. Osiris, 1952, 10: 385–411, 3 fig.
[journalArticle]SZCZÉSNIAK, B. A note on the studies of longitudes made by M. Martini, A. Kircher, and J.N. Delisle from the observations of travellers to the Far East. Imago Mundi, 1960, 15: 89–93.
[journalArticle]SZCZÉSNIAK, Boleslaw. The origin of the Chinese language according to Athanasius Kircher's theory. J.Amer.Orient.Soc., 1952, 72: 21–9, 2 fig.
[journalArticle]TORREY, Harry Beal. Athanasius Kircher and the progress of medicine. Osiris, 1938, 5: 246–75. [CB 57/167]

KIRCHHOFF, Gustav Robert (1824 – 87)

[journalArticle]HOFMANN, Johann Valentin. Grundzüge der Körperlehre, einer Wissenschaft über die innere Beschaffenheit der (irdischen) Körper und die Vorgänge in denselben als Ursachen aller Erscheinungen der Aussenwelt. Populär dargestellt von J.V. Hofmann. Nebst einem Anhang über das Verhältnis von Herrn Prof. Kirchhoff's Aularede “Uber das Ziel der Naturwissenschaften” (1865) and Dr. J.V.Hofmann's Somatologie vom Jahre 1863 von demselben. Posthum hrsg. von seinen Söhnen. vii, 70 p., portr., facs. Dresden:Emil Pahl, 1926. [CB 25/385]
[journalArticle]WARBURG, E. Zur Erinnerung an Gustav Kirchhoff. Naturwissenschaften, 1925, 13: 205–12.

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KIRILOV, Ivan Kirillovič (1689 – 1737)

[journalArticle]BAGROW, Leo. Ivan Kirilov, compiler of the first Russian atlas, 1689–1737. Imago Mundi, 1937, 2: 78–82.

KIRK, John (1847 – 1922)

[book]COUPLAND, Reginald. Kirk on the Zambesi. A chapter of African history. viii, 286 p. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1928.
[book]LIVINGSTONE, David. The Zambesi doctors: David Livingstone's letters to John Kirk, 1858–1872. Ed. by R. Foskett. 187 p., ill. Chicago: Aldine, 1964.

KIRKBRIDE, Thomas Story (1809 – 83)

[book]BOND, Earl D. Dr. Kirkbride and his mental hospital. 163 p., ill. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1947.
[review]Reviewed by C.B. Farr, Bull.Hist.Med., 1948, 22: 722–3.



KIRKWOOD, John Gamble (1907 – 59)

[journalArticle]JOHN GAMBLE KIRKWOOD. Memorial issue. J.Chem.Phys., 1960, 33: 33: no. 5. [CB 88/643]

al-KIRMĀNĪ, Aḥmad ibn ‘Abd Allāh Ḥāmid al-Dīn (10th/11th cent.)

[journalArticle]KRAUS, Paul. Hebräische und syrische Zitate in ismā'īlitischen Schriften. Islam, 1931, 19: 243–63. [CB 38/520]
The quotations all derive from Ahmad ibn ‘Abd Allāh Hāmid al-Dīn al-Kirmānī.

KIRNBAUER, Franz (16th cent., 2nd half)

[book]KIRNBAUER, Franz. Speculum metallorum 1575. 250 p., ill. (Leobener Grüne Hefte, 50) Wien: Montan-Verlag, 1961.
From a manuscript in the Austrian National Library.
[review]Reviewed by R. Niederhuemer, Bl.Technikgesch., 1964, no.26, 155–6.



KIRTLAND, Jared Potter (1793 – 1877)

[book]HENDRICKSON, W.B. The Arkites and other pioneer natural hisotry organisations of Cleveland. x, 58 p. (Makers of Cleveland Series, 1) Cleveland: Press of Western Reserve University, 1962. [CB 88/532]
The work of J.P. Kirtland is stressed.
[book]THOMS, Herbert. The doctors Jared of Connecticut. 76 p., ill. (Yale University. School of Medicine. Department of the History of Medicine, Publication, 35) Hamden, Conn: Shoe String Press, 1958.
The doctors are Jared Potter Kirtland, Jared Potter and Jared Eliot.
[review]Reviewed by Fred B. Rogers, Bull.Hist.Med., 1959, 33: 385–8.

KIRWAN, Richard (1733 – 1812)

[journalArticle]BRINDLEY, W.H. Richard Kirwan, F.R.S., 1733–1812. Nature, 1933, 132: 957–8.
[journalArticle]REILLY, J.; O'FLYNN, N. Richard Kirwan, an Irish chemist of the eighteenth century. Isis, 1930, 13: 298–319, pl, portr., bibliogr. [CB 29/243]

KISCH, Bruno (b. 1890)

A TRIBUTE to Dr. Bruno Kisch on the occasion of his 70th birthday. J.Hist.Med., 1960, 15: 335–6.

KISLIANSKII, Leontii Konstantinovich (d. 1697)

[journalArticle]TROSHIN, A.K. [Leontii Konstantinovich Kislianskii. (In Russian)] Tr.Inst.Ist.Est.Tekh., 1955, 3: 206–10. [CB 84/372]

KISTIAKOVSKII, Vladimir Aleksandrovich (1865 – 1952)

[journalArticle]SOLOV’EV, Iu.I.; MAKARENIA, A.A. Novye materialy ob Akademike V.A. Kistiakovskom. [New Materials concerning academician V.A. Kistiakovskii. (In Russian)] Vop.Ist.Est.Tekh., 1962, no. 13, 94–101.

KITAIBEL, Paul (1757 – 1817)

[journalArticle]SZAMTHMÁRY, L. von. Paul Kitaibel entdeckt den Chlorkalk. Chem.Zeitung, 1931, 55: 645.
[journalArticle]WEEKS, Mary Elvira. The discovery of tellurium. J.Chem.Educ., 1935, 12: 403–9, 6 fig. [CB 45/228]
Some letters of Kitaibel shed light on the discovery of tellurium.

KITASATO, Shibasaburo (1852 – 1931)

[journalArticle]BRUYNHOGHE, Richard. Le cinquantenaire de la découverte des sérums antidiphthériques et antitétaniques. Rev.Méd.Louvain, 1940, 257–61.
[journalArticle]FOX, Herbert. Baron Shibasaburo Kitasato (d. 1931). Ann.Med.Hist., 1934, 6: 491–9. [CB 42/536]
[journalArticle]MIYAJIMA, Mikinosuke. Shibasaburo Kitasato. Science, 1931, 74: 124–5.
[journalArticle]THE PASSING of Kitasato. Med.Life, 1931, 519–20, portr.
[journalArticle]WAKSMAN, Selman A. The changing concept of microbiology. Sci.Mon., 1953, 76: 127–33.
Address delivered at Tokyo on the commemoration of the centenary of the birth of S. Kitasato.

KITCHIN, Finlay Lorimer (1870 – 1934)

[journalArticle]WOODS, H. Finlay Lorimer Kitchin (1870–1934). Obit.Not.Fellows Roy.Soc., 1934, 1: 349–52, portr.

KITTREDGE, George Lyman (1860 – 1941)

[book]THORPE, James. A bibliography of the writings of George Lyman Kittredge. xiv, 125 p. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 1948. [CB 73/148]

KLAPROTH, Martin Heinrich (1743 – 1817)

[journalArticle]CALEY, Earle R.Klaproth (1743–1817) as a pioneer in the chemical investigation of antiquities. J.Chem.Educ., 1949, 26: 242–8.
[bookChapter]DANN, Georg Edmund. Klaproths Ahnen und Familienkreis. Vortr.Ges.Gesch.Pharm. (Stuttgart, 1936), p. 1–6. [n.p.]: 1937.
[book]DANN, Georg Edmund. Martin Heinrich Klaproth 1743–1817. Ein deutscher Apotheker und Chemiker, sein Weg und seine Leistung. x, 171 p., front., ill., tables. Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 1958.
[review]Reviewed by Aaron Ihde, Isis, 1960, 51: 248; for other reviews see CB 85/435 and CB 88/613.

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[journalArticle]WEEKS, Mary Elvira. The discovery of tellurium. J.Chem.Educ., 1935, 12: 403–9, 6 fig. [CB45/228]
Some letters of Klaproth shed light on the discovery of tellurium.

KLAPWELL, Richard (13th cent., 2nd half)

[journalArticle]CHENU, M.D. La première diffusion du Thomisme à Oxford. Klapwell et ses notes sur les “Sentences”. Arch.Hist.Doctrinale Litt.Moyen Âge, 1928, 3: 185–200.

KLAUS, Karl Karlovich (1796 – 1864)

[journalArticle]SOLOV’EV, Iu.I. [An unpublished letter from J. Berzelius to K. Klaus. (In Russian)] Vop.Ist.Est.Tekh., 1959, no. 7, 148–9.

KLEBS, Arnold Carl (1870 – 1943)

[journalArticle]ARNOLD C. KLEBS number issued in honor of his seventieth birthday, 17 March, 1940. Bull.Hist.Med., 1940, 8: 317–532. fig., portr., bibliogr. [CB 59/445]
[journalArticle]BAUMGARTNER, Leona. Arnold Carl Klebs (1870–1943). Obituary. Bull.Hist.Med., 1943, 14: 201–16, 3 fig.
[journalArticle]FULTON, John F. Harvey Cushing and Arnold Klebs: their friendship and their libraries. Bull.Hist.Med., 1947, 21: 512–23.
[journalArticle]THE LIBRARY of Arnold C. Klebs. Isis, 1947, 38: 100.
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[journalArticle]PIOTET, G. Le Dr. Arnold-C. Klebs. Gesnerus, 1943, 1: 20–5.
[journalArticle]SIGERIST, Henry E. Congratulatory epistle to Arnold C. Klebs. Bull.Hist.Med., 1940, 8: 319–27, 6 fig.
[journalArticle]VIETS, Henry R. Arnold Carl Klebs, 1870–1943. Obituary. New Engl.J.Med., 1943, 229: 259–62.
[journalArticle]VIETS, Henry R. A roving commission. The doctor calls on some of his frieds. Bull.Hist.Med., 1948, 22: 363–72.
Notes concerning his visits to Osler in Oxford and to Klebs in Nyon.
[journalArticle]WALLER, Erik. Arnold Carl Klebs. [Obituary] Lychnos, 1943, 439–41.

KLEBS, Edwin Theodore Albrecht (1834 – 1913)

[journalArticle]BAUMGARTNER, Leona. Edwin Klebs. New Engl.J.Med., 1935, 213: 60–3, portr.
Reviewed in Nature, 1935, 136: 675.
[journalArticle]BAUMGARTNER, Leona. A note on the Fritzsche-Kelbs description of acromegaly (1884). Bull.Hist.Med., 1940, 8: 446–60, 2 fig.
[journalArticle]ERNST, Paul; KLEBS, Arnold Carl. Edwin Klebs, 1834–1913. Verhandl.Deut.Pathol.Ges., 1914, 17: 590–7, bibliogr.
A brief biographical notice of Edwin Klebs by Paul Ernst and a bibliography of his works by Arnold C. Klebs.
[journalArticle]HÜBSCHMANN, Karel. Přínosy pražské mediciny k problému experimentální přijice a bakteriologii. [The contribution of the Prague Medical School to experimental syphilis and bacteriology. (In Czech)] Sb.Dějiny Přírodn.Věd.Tech., 1964, 9: 183–8. [CB 90/531]
The first successful experimental transfer of human syphilis to an ape was carried out by Edwin Klebs, then Professor of Pathology in Prague.
[journalArticle]KLEBS, Edwin Theodore Albrecht. Ueber Diphtherie. Bull.Hist.Med., 1940, 8: 509–22, portr.
Reprinted from the first edition of 1883.

KLEIN, Felix (1849 – 1925)

[journalArticle]ARCHIBALD, R.C. Remarks on Klein's “Famous problems of elementary geometry”. Amer.Math.Mon., 1914, 21: 247–59. [CB 9/465]
[journalArticle]CASTELNUOVO, Guido. Felice Klein (1849–1925). Ann.Mat.Pura Appl., ser. 4, 1926, 3: 241–5.
[journalArticle]FEHR, H. Félix Klein, 1849–1925. Enseign.Math., 1925, 24: 287–90.
[book]KLEIN, Felix. Famous problems of elementary geometry. The duplication of the cube, the trisection of an angle, the quadrature of the circle. An authorized translation of F. Klein's “Vorträge über ausgewählte Fragen der Elementargeometrie” ausgearbeitet von F. Tägert, by Wooster Woodruff Beman and David Eugene Smith. 2nd ed. rev and enl. with notes by Raymond Clare Archibald. xi, 92 p. New York: Stechert, 1930. [CB 37/547]
[journalArticle]KLEIN, Felix. Gesammelte mathematische Abhandlungen. 3 vol., ill. 1. Liniengeometrie. Grundlegung der Geometrie. Zum Erlanger Programm. 624 p.; 2. Anschauliche Geometrie, Substitutionsgruppen und Gleichungstheorie. Zur mathematischen Physik. 720 p.; 3. Elliptische Funktionen insbes. Modulfunktionen, hyperelliptische und Abelsche Funktionen, Riemannsche Funktionentheorie und automorphe Funktionen. 820 p. Berlin: Julius Springer, 1921–23.
[journalArticle]KLEIN, Felix. Lebensbilder von eigener Hand. Mitt.Universitätsbund Göttingen, 1923, 5: 11–36.
[journalArticle]LOREY, Wilhelm. Felix Klein. Leopoldina, new ser., 1926, 1: 136–51.
[journalArticle]MILLER, G.A. A group theory dilemma of Sophus Lie and Felix Klein. Science, 1942, 95: 353–4.
[journalArticle]WEYL, Hermann. Felix Kleins Stellung in der mathematischen Gegenwart. Naturwissenschaften, 1930, 18: 4–11.

KLEIST, Ewald Jürgen von (1700 – 48)

[journalArticle]DORSMAN, C.; CROMMELIN, C.A. The invention of the Leyden jar. 6 p., portr. (Communication no. 97) Leiden: National Museum of the History of Science, [n.d.].
Reprinted from Janus, 1957, 46: (4), 276–80, portr.
The authors claim that Ewald Jürgen von Kleist invented it in 1745.

KLEMM, J.E. (fl. 1817 – 22)

[bookChapter]GOLDSCHMID, Edgar. Handzeichnungen chirurgischer Erkrankungen von J.E. Klemm (1817–1822). Festschrift zum 80. Geburtstag Max Neuburgers, p. 196–207, 8 fig. Wien: Maudrich, 1948.

KLINGENSTIERNA, Samuel (1698 – 1765)

[journalArticle]HEYMAN, Harald J. Calcul de π. Arch.Stor.Sci., 1925, 6: 113–14. [CB 19/766]
Evidence that Klingenstierna knew the formula for computing π attributed to Buzengeiger.
[bookChapter]HEYMAN, Harald J. Samuel Klingenstierna och Fredrik Mallet. Symbola litteraria, p. 187–209. Uppsala: Almqvist & Wiksell, 1927.
Apropos of the Swedish mathematicians Samuel Klingenstierna and Fredrik Mallet.

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[journalArticle]NORDENMARK, N.Y.E.; NORDSTRÖM, Johan. Till historien om uppfinningen av de akromatiska och aplanatiska linssystemen. Med särskild hänsyn till Samuel Klingenstiernas insats. [The invention of the achromatic and aplanatic lens. Some contributions iwht special regard to the rôle played by Samuel Klingenstierna. (In Swedish, with summary in English)] Lychnos, 1938, 1–52; 1939, 313–79; English summary, 380–4.

KLINT, Joen Petri (16th cent., 2nd half)

[bookChapter]NORLIND, Wilhelm. Astronomische Streifzüge in Joen Petri Klint's “Om meteorer”. Dragma Martino P.Nilsson dedicatum, p. 334–45. Lund: Ohlsson, 1939.

KLIPPEL, Maurice (1858 – 1942)

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KLOSS, Georg Franz Burkhard (15th cent.)

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KLOSSOVSKII, A.V. (1846 – 1917)

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KLUNZINGER, Carl Benjamin (1834 – 1914)

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KMETH, Daniel (1783 – 1825)

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Daniel Kmeth and his condemnation of Johann Pasquich for forging observations and the latter's vindication.

KNIBB, Family (fl. 17th/18th cent.)

See entry under KNIBB, Joseph

KNIBB, Joseph (1640 – 1711)

[book]LEE, Ronald Alfred. The Knibb family clockmakers; or, Automatopaei Knibb familiaei. iv, 187 p. Byfleet, Surrey: Manor House Press, 1964.
Refers in particular to Joseph Knibb.
[review]Reviewed by Silvio A. Bedini, Technol.Cult. 1964, 5: 608–10.

KNIGHT, John (1600 – 80)

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KNIGHT, Jonathan (1787 – 1858)

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Apropos of Jonathan Knight.

KNIGHT, Jonathan (1789 – 1864)

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KNIGHTON, William (1776 – 1836)

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KNIP, Pauline (1781 – 1851)

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KNIPOVICH, Nikolai Mikhailovich (1862 – 1939)

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KNOBEL, Edward B. (1841 – 1930)

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KNOCKERS, Johannes (1793 – 1829)

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KNORR, Christian (1636 – 89)

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KNOX, Robert (1791 – 1862)

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[journalArticle]ROSS, James A.; TAYLOR, Hugh W.Y. Robert knox's catalogue. J.Hist.Med., 1955, 10: 269–76, 7 fig.

KNYVETON, John (1729 – 1809)

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[review]by Randolph Barton, Natur.Hist., February 1938, 153.
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Reviewed in Times Lit.Suppl., 31 Aug. 1946, 411.
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KO HUNG (4th cent.)

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KOBER, George Martin (1850 – 1931)

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KOCH, Hans (fl. 1554 – 78)

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KOCH, Heinrich (1851 – 81)

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KOCH, Karl (1809 – 79)

[journalArticle]STEARN, William T. Karl Koch's “Dendrologie”, Erlangen, 1869–73. J.Soc.Bibliogr.Natur.Hist., 1957, 3: 175–6.

KOCH, Robert (1843 – 1910)

dc (bm) life and work in general: large scale works

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The achievements of Leeuwenhoek, Pasteur and Koch are reviewed.
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dc (bn) life and work in general: essays

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Special number devoted to Robert Koch.
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db forerunners

[journalArticle]BERG, Alexander. Miasma und Kontagium, die Lehre von der Ansteckung im Wandel der Zeiten. Zur 80-jährigen Wiederkehr der Entdeckung des Tbc-Bazillus (1882). Naturwissenschaften, 1963, 50: 389–96.
History of theories of contagion from the 14th century through Koch's discovery of the tubercle bacillus in 1882.
[journalArticle]MÜLLER, Reiner. 80 Jahre Seuchenbakteriologie. Die Seuchenbakteriologen vor Robert Koch: Pollender 1849, Brauell 1856, Delafond 1856, Davaine 1863. Ein 50-Jahr-Gedenken des Milzbrandforschers Pollender. Zentralbl.Bakteriol., 1.Abt., 16 Dec. 1929, 115: 1–17, 1 pl.

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dg/dj archives and texts

[book]CHARLES, Thomas Edmonston. Letters from Rome on certain discoveries connected with malaria by T. Edmonston Charles; and addenda, consisting of an article by S. Calandruccio, letters from Robert Koch and A. Laveran, and a statement by Lord Lister. Preface and remarks by Sir Ronald Ross. 78 p. London: Harrison & Sons, 1929.
[book]KOCH, Robert. Die Aetiologie und die Bekämpfung der Tuberculose. Eingeleitet von Prof. Dr. M. Kirchner. 74 p. (Klassiker der Medizin, 19) Leipzig: J.A. Barth, 1912.
[book]KOCH, Robert. The aetiology of tuberculosis: a transl. from the German of the original paper announcing the discovery of the tubercle bacillus, read before the Physiological Society in Berlin, 24 March, 1882, by Dr. and Mrs. Max Pinner: with an introd. by Allen K. Krause. 48 p., 8 ill. New York: National Tuberculosis Association, 1932.
The paper was first published in Berlin.Klin.Wochenschr., 1882, 19: 221 et seq., and the translation specially prepared for the Amer.Rev.Tuberc., March 1932.
[journalArticle]KOCH, Robert. From Robert Koch's investigation of pathogenic organisms. Med.Life, 1932, 39: 175–87. [CB 36/412]
Translation of the paper originally publ. in 1881.

dr comments on specific subjects

[journalArticle]CALMETTE, A. Robert Koch. Le cinquantième anniversaire de la découverte du bacille tuberculeux. Bull.Acad.Méd., 1932, 107: 436–55.
The 50th ANNIVERSARY of Koch's discovery of the tubercle bacillus. Isis, 1933, 19: 200.
[journalArticle]HITCHENS, Arthur Parker; LEIKIND, Morris C. The introduction of agar-agar into bacteriology. J.Bacteriol., 1939, 37: 485–93, portr. [CB 58/545]
The idea of using a solid culture substrate was suggested to Koch by Frau Hesse, wife of the bacteriologist Walther Hesse.
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[review]Reviewed by Diergart, Mitt.Gesch.Med., 1932, 31: 240.
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The cholera bacillus was discovered by Robert Koch.
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[journalArticle]ON Koch's discovery.
[journalArticle]SMITH, Theobald. Koch's views on the stability of species among bacteria. Ann.Med.Hist., 1932, 4: 524–30.

KOCHANOWSKI, Jan (1530 – 84)

[book]LACHS, Jan. Lekarze-przyjaciele Jana Kochanowski ego. [Medical friends of Jan Kochanowski. (In Polish)] 33 p. Kraków: 1930.
Apropos of Jakob Montanus, S. Fogelweder, and Jerzego Keller.

KOCHER, Emil Theodor (1841 – 1917)

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KOCHIN, N.E. (1900 – 45)

N.E. KOCHIN, 1900–1945: nekrolog. [Obituary. (In Russian)] Usp.Mat.Nauk, 1946, 1: no. 1, 27–9.

KOEHLER, René (1860 – 1931)

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KÖLLIKER, Rudolf Albert von (1817 – 1905)

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KOELREUTER, Joseph Gottlieb (1733 – 1806)

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Mainly apropos of J.G. Koelreuter.
J.G. KÖLREUTER et C.K. Sprengel: souscription pour leur élever des monuments. Isis, 1913, 1: 243–4.
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KOENIG, Friedrich (1774 – 1833)

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KÖNIG, Johann Gerhard (1728 – 85)

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KÖNIG, Samuel (1712 – 57)

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KOENIGS, Ernst (1878 – 1945)

[journalArticle]HÜCKEL, Walter. Ernst Koenigs (1878–1945). [Obituary] Chem.Ber., 1950, 83: 83: xv-xviii, portr.

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KÖPPEN, Fedor Petrovich (1833 – 1908)

[journalArticle]PERSON, S.A. O perepiske Ch. Darvina s F.P. Keppenom. [From the correspondence of C. Darwin with F.P. Köppen. (In Russain)] Vop.Ist.Est.Tekh., 1963, no. 14, 91–4.
[journalArticle]SOBOL', S.L. [Unpublished letters by Charles Darwin kept in Soviet archives (In Russian)] Vop.Ist.Est.Tekh., 1959, 8: 113–18. [CB 85/459]
Includes the English text of two letters to F. Köppen.

KÖPPEN, Wladimir Peter (1846 – 1940)

A METEOROLOGICAL cross section: the Köppen birthday volumes. Geogr.Rev., 1933, 23: 472–8.

[book]WEGENER-KÖPPEN, Else. Wladimir Köppen: ein Gelehrtenleben. Nach Köppens eigenen Aufzeichnungen unter Mitwirkung von Professor Erich Kuhlbrodt, zusammengestellt von Else Wegener-Köppen. 195 p., 13 fig. (Grosse Naturforscher, 18) Stuttgart: Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft, 1955.

KÖRBER, Heinrich (1861 – 1927)

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KÖRNER, Johann Nicolaus (18th cent., 2nd half)

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KÖRNER, Wilhelm (1839 – 1925)

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KÖRNINGH, Johan Ferdinand (c.1626 – 1687)

[book]KÖRNINGH, Johan Ferdinand. Berättelse om en missionsresa till Lappland 1659–60. Relation tentatae missionis lappicae anno 1659 et 1660. Övers. av John Granlund. Utg. av Ernst Manker. [Account of a missionary journey to Lapland. Swedish transl. from the Latin by John Granlund. Ed. by Ernst Manker.] 66 p. (Acta Lapponica, 9, no. 1) Uppsala: 1956.
Includes Latin text.
Reviewed By C.O. von Sydow, Lychnos, 1957–58, 418–19.

KOFFSKI, Vincent (15th cent?)

[journalArticle]HUBICKI, Wlodzimiers. O Wincentym Koffskim i jego traktacie. [Vincent Koffski and his treatise. (In Polish with English summary)] Kwart.Hist.Nauk.Tech., 1956, 1: 259–81. [CB 82/239]
The true author of Koffski's treatise may be Benedict Figulus.

KOHLRAUSCH, Rudolph (1809 – 58)

[journalArticle]KIRCHNER, F. Determination of the velocity of light from electromagnetic measurements according to W. Weber and R. Kohlrausch. (Transl. from the German article in Naturwissenschaften, 1956, 43: 529 et seq., by Anna Akeley, Purdue University.) Amer.J.Phys., 1957, 25: 623–9.

KOHLREUTER, Sigismund (1534 – 99)

[journalArticle]BEIERLEIN, Paul Reinhard. Der kursächsische Leibarzt Sigismund Kohlreuter (1534–1599). Sudhoffs Arch., 1954, 38: 70–83.

KOLB, Peter (1675 – 1726)

[book]KOLB, Peter. Reise zum Vorgebirage der Guten Hoffnung, bearbeitet von Paul Germann. 159 p., ill., pl., maps. (Alte Reisen und Abenteuer, 4) Leipzig: Brockhaus, 1922. [CB 21/524]

KOLLATAJ, Hugo (1750 – 1812)

[book]CHAMCOWNA, Miroslawa. Uniwersytet Jagiellonski w dobie komisj edukacji narodowej. Szkola glowna koronna w okresie wizyty i rektoratu Hugona Kollataja. [The Jagellonian University at the time of the Commission of National Education. The University of Cracow during the visit and rectorate of Hugo Kollataj. (In Polish, with English summary)] 386 p., 8 pl. (Polska Academia Nauk, Komitet Historii Nauki, Monografie z Dziejow Nauki i Techniki, 2) Wroclaw/Warszawa: Zaklad Narodowy Im. Ossolinskich, Wydawnictwo Polskiej Akademii Naku, 1957. [CB 84/354]
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KOLLER, Carl (1857 – 1944)

[journalArticle]LEAKE, Chauncey D. Discovery of the anesthetic properties of cocaine (1884). Isis, 1935, 23: 253–6.
Discovered by Dr. Carl Koller.

KOLMOGOROV, Andrei Nikolaevich (b. 1903)

[journalArticle]ALEKSANDROV, P.S. Andrei Nikolaevich Kolmogorov. [In Russian] Vestnik Moskovskogo Gos.Univ.Mat.Mekh., 1963, no. 3, 3–6, pl.
On the 60th birthday of A.N. Kolmogorov.

KOLOSOV, Gurii Vasil’evich (1867 – 1936)

[journalArticle]MUSKHELISHVILI, N. Gurii Vasil’evich Kolosov (1867–1936). (Nekrolog) [Obituary. (In Russian)] Usp.Mat.Nauk, 1938, 4: 279–81.


see COMENIUS, Jan Amos

KOMPFNER, Rudolf (b. 1909)

[book]KOMPFNER, Rudolf. The invention of the traveling-wave tube. iii, 30 p., 18 fig., facs. (History of Technology Monographs) San Francisco, Calif: San Francisco Press, 1964.
[review]Reviewed by Robert Chipman, Isis, 1964, 55: 458–9.

KON-FOSSEN, S.E. (1902 – 36)

S.E. KON-FOSSEN (1902–1936). (Nekrolog) [Obituary. (In Russian)] Usp.Mat.Nauk, 1936, 1: 5.

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KONARSKI, Stanislas (1700 – 73)

[book]ROSE, William J. Stanislas Konarski (1700–1773). Reformer of education in 18th century Poland. (Thesis, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cracow) 288 p. London: Cape, 1929.

KONOBEEVSKII, Sergei Tikhonovich (b. 1890)

[journalArticle]ZHDANOV, G.S. Sergei Tikhonovich Konobeevskii (k semidesiatiletiiu do dnia rozhdeniia). [On the 70th birthday of S.T. Konobeevskii. (In Russian)] Usp.Fiz.Nauk, 1960, 71: 161–5, bibliogr.; English transl. in Soviet Phys.Usp., 1960, 3: 3: (3), 466–70, bibliogr.

KONOVALOV, Dmitrii Petrovich (1856 – 1929)

[book]SOLOV’EV, Yurii Ivanovich; KIPNIS, Aleksandr Yakovleevich. Dmitrii Petrovich Konovalov (1856–1929). [In Russian] 192 p. Moscow: Izdatel’stvo “Nauk”, 1964.
[journalArticle]VOL’FKOVICH, S.I. [Survey of N.A. Morozov, D.P. Konovalov and W. Crookes on “Periodic system of the structure of matter.” (In Russian)] Tr.Inst.Ist.Est., 1949, 3: 200–8.



KOPFERMANN, Hans (b. 1895)

[journalArticle]BRIX, Peter. Hans Kopfermann. Naturwissenschaften, 1963, 50: 557–8. [CB 89/579]

KOPP, Hermann Frans Moritz (1817 – 92)

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see CSOMA DE KÖRÖS, Sändor

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KOSTER, Laurens Janszoon

see COSTER, Laurens Janszoon

KOTHE, Richard (d. 1926)

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KOTZI, Samuel (fl. 1704 – 30)

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Samuel Kotzi, town physician of Hermannstadt from 1704 to 1730.

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KOVALEVSKAIA, Sonya Vasilievna (1850 – 91)

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One of the six is Sónya Kovalévsky.
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Contains the following articles: I. Bernard Cohen, “L'oeuvre d'Alexandre Koyré”; Giorgio de Santillana, “Alexandre Koyré nel mondo Europeo”.
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Letters of Dr. Ernst Krackowizer who emigrated to America in 1850.

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see HELLWIG, L. Christoph von

KRAG, Anders (16th cent., 2nd half)

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The most important of Ramus's Danish disciples was Anders Krag, whose “Rameae scholae” (1582) forms the principal subject of this article.

KRAMP, Chrétien (1760 – 1826)

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see CRANACH, Lucas

KRANICH, Burchard (c.1515 – 1578)

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Apropos of the Copenhagen physicist Christian Gottlieb Kratzenstein and his book “L'art de naviguer dans l'air” (Copenhagen: 1784).

KRATZER, Nicolaus (16th cent., 1st half)

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KREMER, Gerhard

see MERCATOR, Gerardus

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Vol. 3 was issued in 2 parts, 1899 and 1931.
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KRUCKENBERG, Franz (b. 1882)

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The author claims that Franz Kruckenberg was the real creator and that Kurt Wiesinger's claims are ill-founded.

KRÜGER, Friedrich J.C. (1864 – 1916)

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The first director was F. Krüger.

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KRUPP, Family (fl. from 16th cent.)

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KRYLOV, Aleksei Nikolaevich (1863 – 1945)

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Krylov worked in mathematics, mechanics, physics, shipbuilding, history of science and mechanics.
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KU CHIEH-KANG (b. 1893)

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[review]Reviewed by P. Pelliot, T’oung Pao, 1932, 29: 130–5.

KUBARY, Jan (1846 – 96)

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Kubetskii invented a photo-electric multiplier.

KUCHEROV, Mikhail Girgorievich (1850 – 1911)

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KUÈI-KŬ-TZU (4th cent., B.C.)

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KÜHN, Eusebio Francisco

see KINO, Eusebio Frnacisco

KÜHN, Julius (1825 – 1910)

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Notes on Émile Küss by H. Beaunis, by D. Goldschmidt and by Léon Oberlin.

KÜSTNER, Friedrich (1856 – 1936)

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see BUCER, Martin

al-KŪHĪ, Abū Sahl ibn Rustam



see IBN al-‘AṬṬAR, Abū al-Mūnā ibn Abī NaṣR, al-Kūhīn

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The initials H.B.K. often following the names of plants as in Ficus mexicana H.B.K., stand for Humboldt, Bonpland, and Kunth.

KUNZ, George Frederick (1856 – 1932)

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Includes annotated translation of the introduction to the astronomic tables by Kushyār ibn Labbān.

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al-KŪTĪ, Sulaimān ibn al-Hārith


KUTTENBERG, Daniel Stolzius von

see STOLCIUS, Daniel

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LA BOË, François de

see SYLVIUS, Franciscus de la Boë

LA BOÉTIE, Étienne de (1530 – 63)

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LA BROCQUIÈRE, Bertrandon de


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